Here at The Phone Center we utilize Avayaź Communication Equipment to deliver the best in efficient, modern communications.   Click on the links below to see how our customized communication systems can optimize your business.        

Phone System Solutions

    Much of the business that we conduct deals with updating or expanding current phone system infrastructures.  If you want to add a few lines to match your expanding business needs or simply implement a responsive and dynamic voicemail system, The Phone Center will help analyze your needs and customize a solution that will leave both you and your customers happy with the change. 

IP Office Solutions

   Many companies are choosing to make the change to an Internet Protocol solution to fit their business needs.  By utilizing the the considerable bandwidth capabilities of Ethernet networks IP Solutions offer digital sound quality and on-site system management to maximize your phone systems effectiveness.

   Avaya offers fully scalable solutions for your company, and through our step by step consultation process, you can be sure that your company or organization will have the infrastructure in place to continue to grow and prosper.