Creating a Guest Mailbox


Although you can create a mailbox and specify that it is "without a phone", calls can only be transferred to it from the Auto Attendant. To also be able to transfer callers to the guest mailbox, you will need to create a "virtual" extension on the phone system, and put it in the Voice Mail Cover Group.

Create the Guest Mailbox:

  1. Press "Check Messages"

  2. Enter 0-# (System Administrator)

  3. Enter 1-2-3-4-5-6-# (Password)

  4. Press 9 for Programming

  5. Press 2 for Extensions

  6. Enter the Guest Mailbox Number and #

  7. Press 1 to Create the Mailbox

  8. Press 9 to set the mailbox as "With a Phone"

  9. Enter *-*-9 to exit


Find an Unused "Adjunct" Extension. At the Programming Phone:

  1. Menu

  2. Maintenance

  3. Port

  4. Extension

  5. #01

  6. Status

  7. Next

Now examine the extension number shown. If it is in the 7300 range, make note of it, as you will renumber it to the guest mailbox number. If not in the 7300 range, press Next TWICE for the next "adjunct" extension. Keep going until you find an available 7300 range extension number that is not in use. Press Exit when finished.


Renumber the Adjunct and put in the Voice Mail Cover Group:

  1. Menu

  2. System Programming

  3. System Renumber

  4. Single

  5. Adjunct

  6. Dial the 7300 range number that you determined was available for use

  7. Enter

  8. Dial the Guest Mailbox Extension Number

  9. Enter

  10. Back

  11. Back

  12. Extensions

  13. More (or Right Arrow Button)

  14. Group Coverage

  15. Dial 30

  16. Enter

  17. Dial the Guest Mailbox Extension Number

  18. Enter

  19. Exit

 Finally, if you use the "Dial by Name" Directory, refer to "Changing the Directory Listing"