Voice Mail Quick Start Guide


Before using your Voice Mailbox for the 1st time, you must set FOUR things:

·         You must record your NAME

·         You must create a new PASSWORD

·         You must record your PERSONAL GREETING



1.        Press “Chk, Mag’s

2.       When the Voice Mail System answers, enter your Extension Number and #

3.       When prompted for your PASSWORD, press just #

4.       You will now be prompted to record your NAME. Do so at the Beep

5.       Press 1 at the end of your Name

6.       Press *-# to approve your Name (If you want to change it, you will have a opportunity later)

7.       You will now be prompted to create a new PASSWORD from 4 to 15 digits long.

8.       Enter your new PASSWORD, and press #

9.       To confirm your PASSWORD, re-enter it and press #

10.    Press 3 to record your PERSONAL GREETING

11.     Press 1 to select GREETING

12.    Press 1 again to select Greeting Number 1

13.    Press 1 once again to RECORD the Greeting.

14.    Wait for the BEEP, and record your Personal Greeting

15.    At the END of your Greeting, press 1

16.    Press 2-3 to PLAYBACK your new Greeting. If you want to re-record it, press 2-3 and return to step 14

17.    Press *-# to APPROVE your Greeting

18.    Finally, press 0 to ACTIVATE this greeting.


·         Your mailbox is now set up. Refer to the USER GUIDE for information on other features.


·         If you only got as far as Recording you NAME and Setting your PASSWORD, press Chk Msg’s, enter your Extension Number and #, your Password and #, then continue from Step 10.